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March 29, 2017
4 in the 5th Wheel Shop!

4 in the 5th Wheel Shop!

Sorry to be “those people” but I’m throwing out a little shameless self-promotion. (Hey, if you don’t promote yourself, who will?) So here it goes *insert annoying fake drumroll* Introducing our 4 in the 5th Wheel shop!


We’re really super stoked about it! We love the freedom of living in our RV, it allows us to pick up and move anytime we want. Unfortunately, we still need money for little things like food and gas. So our current options are work camping and getting random jobs, both require being stationary for a while. Which is fine, but we like having our options. Ideally, we would be able to work from home anywhere in the country. This shop is a start.

4 in the 5th Wheel Shop

You may not know this but Nathan is wicked handy. Not just when it comes to repairs and maintenance around here either. He also makes some awesome things out of leather.

Here are just a few things he makes.

4 in the 5th wheel shop
Custom chalk bags for friends who use them as tool pouches.
4 in the 5th wheel shop pls3 laser case
Custom case for a rigging laser

4 in the 5th wheel shop pls3 laser case4 in the 5th wheel

He has been SLAMMED with orders from friends and old co-workers. Making tool pouches, custom laser and tape measure cases, knife sheaths, etc. It’s a busy time in our little 5th wheel. 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t make any cool leather things, but I do make some pretty sweet malas. Both Harry Potter and otherwise. 😉

4 in the 5th wheel etsy
Kiwi Jasper Dark Mark mala
4 in the 5th wheel etsy shop
Moonstone & Blue Sandstone Deathly Hallows mala

Our little shop is so exciting for us! It puts us one step closer to being able to travel full-time (if we want to,) being our own bosses, and debt free.

We’d love it if you’d check out our 4 in the 5th Wheel shop and if you’re in the market for something custom you can find us here, Facebook, and Instagram.