On Monday Nathan, Brad, Christina, all 3 dogs, and I headed for the mountains in search of a Christmas tree!

washington christmas tree hunting

We headed up by Darrington and basically drove around all day in search of the perfect trees. Unfortunately, we did zero research beforehand and didn’t go to an area with great trees.

4 in the 5th wheel christmas tree

In my mind, a douglas fir is the best Christmas tree. We found exactly none of those. Oops! The trees here are weird. And by weird, I mean not what I’m used to.

washington forest

We did end up finding a couple Charlie Brown trees and had tons of fun in the process.

4 in the 5th wheel christmas

The dogs had a blast in the snow! Phee-Bee had never seen it before and we think it was Walle’s first time too!

4 in the 5th wheel in the snow

Even though we didn’t find the trees we were looking for it still was a really great day. I haven’t had much snow in my life the last 10 years so I had a lot of fun.

4 in the 5th wheel christmas tree

Washington is a neat place so far. We live on an island by the beach but also basically in the forest, so that’s pretty cool! I can’t wait to do more exploring!

Have I mentioned my new project with Christina?

We’ve teamed up on a yoga, dogs, and adventure blog! Check out Prana Paws!

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