Hey everyone! Super excited about today’s update.

We officially have a reading nook! Woot woot!!


We haven’t done a whole lot of customizing to the RV since we moved in. Unfortunately, we had more important things to spend money on and to be honest we like it how it is for the most part. We are both fans of the dark wood and the warm feel it gives us. Sure there are a few things I want to update at some point, but nothing is too pressing.

This nook, however, definitely needed to happen! We were inspired by 188sqft and the amazing remodel they did in their 5th wheel.

4 in the 5th wheel reading nook

We got rid of the second captain’s chair a while ago since we never used it. Buddy’s bed had been there for a while but now the humans have taken over that space once again!

rv remodel

Nathan built the whole thing. He’s pretty handy like that. 😉 We ordered a custom cut cushion (say that 3 times fast!) online, and I sewed the cover. (It’s a little janky. But oh well!)

rv nook
We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! It’s the perfect place to lay with Buddy, relax, read a book, and enjoy the rainy weather.
4 in the 5th wheel

Buddy and cousin Phee-Bee both appreciate it! We think the couch will be our next big project. Maybe into a day bed. Any thoughts?rv customization reading nook

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