I’ve been a bit MIA since we got to Washington. Oops! We’ve had multiple birthdays since we got here, plus Thanksgiving, not to mention RV maintenance, errands, and trying to explore. Needless to say, we have been busy.

On top of everything else, Nathan is working part-time for his stepdad’s auto glass business while trying to get on with the local zip line course. Plus he’s picked up a gig with an old Cali coworker who now has a business in the area.


I’ve been productive but in a different way. Christina (Nathan’s sister) and I have been collaborating on a project that we’re really excited about! Prana Paws is a blended business of two of our favorite things. Yoga and dogs! Chris just signed up for her 200-hour yoga teacher training (I completed mine in 2009) and we plan to teach together. Besides that, we’ll be blogging about our journey, adventures, dogs, and more. Along with that, we’re creating a collection of lifestyle products for yogis and their dogs! A lot in the works but we’re pretty stoked about it!

Besides all that, we’ve been trying to adjust to life in the PNW. Nathan seems to be adjusting faster than me… It’s so pretty here and everything is so green but it’s also WET. Like seriously, I have never experienced this kind of wet. It never dries. I know we came here during the wet season and it’s not like this all year, but holy crap! Can’t a girl get a sunny dry day?


Poor Buddy hasn’t gotten used to peeing in the rain yet. He clearly does not enjoy it and runs back as soon as he’s done. And if the rain wasn’t bad enough, Phee-Bee and Walle (Brad and Christina’s dogs) haven’t really taken to him yet. They don’t understand how he likes to play (he likes to be chased and wrestle) and Phee-Bee (the tiny dachshund) is protective of her big brother Walle. Hopefully, soon they’ll figure each other out.


Mr. Rodgers, on the other hand, is in his element! Our little Nebelung really is a creature of the mist. He loves going out and wandering the wet grass, he doesn’t even care if he gets rained on. When he comes back in he loves sleeping next to the heater all day. He really lives the best life.


Although I’m still adjusting to the weather, I am trying to embrace it as my first winter in many years. Scottsdale and Orange County don’t really have a winter, this cold (42 degrees today!) is something I haven’t experienced in forever. So getting in the holiday spirit I have decorated the trailer! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I got some lights up.


And our welcome moose.

Even Garrison and our table snake are getting festive.

20161129_125442.jpgChris and I found a holly bush and made our own wreaths!


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