So you know what is really awesome fucking sucks about living in the PNW in the winter?

Humidity and mold.

Sweating walls and disgusting green and white, cotton candy, hairy ass mold.

We have battled with moisture the whole time we’ve lived here. We knew it would be an issue but we thought we could stay on top of it, Oh how wrong we were.

We’ve had a couple small mold incidents in the last few months (including a small discovery behind the bed a few days ago) so now we routinely check the humidity indoors and try to stay on top of condensation. Today Nathan made the horrifying discovery that only did the mold come back, it is now on steroids and has been pumping some major iron.

I’ll spare you pictures but I can assure you, it was nasty. Nathan’s closet got it worse than mine this time and we had a casualty in a pair of his cowboy boots (luckily not the good pair.) We had a few smaller spots around the house but nothing crazy.

Silver lining: It definitely could have been worse.

So today we have gone through every cupboard, every closet, and every single nook and cranny in this bitch. Wiping out any moisture, checking for more green fuzz from hell. And now we have every door and every window open to let the place air out. Seeing as it is a beautiful sunny day you might think that would be nice. Nope. It’s 41 degrees outside. And it’s 54 inside… We could see our breath earlier during breakfast. Not awesome. As I write this I sit in a hoodie, wrapped in a blanket, wearing fingerless gloves and a beanie. The struggle is real people.

That’s how we have spent the first nice day in weeks. Fighting mold and humidity. I think it’s safe to say that we will never winter here again. Washington is strictly a summer location.

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