I’ve been a little internet MIA lately but it’s for a good reason! We were waiting until Nathan’s mom got back from vacation so we could surprise her.

We moved to Washington!

Sweaty and gross on our first hike in the evergreen state!
At least Buddy enjoyed the Nevada scenery

How did this happen? Well, it seems like every time we make a plan to be stationary, something

The boring part of Oregon

changes it. Such is life.


Back in June, we planned to stay in Camp Verde for about 9 months, but a couple weeks in we moved to Happy Jack. After a few months there, we spent a month in Utah with plans to stay in Cottonwood until February or March. Looks like that isn’t happening either!

Nathan had a specific job he was gunning for in Camp Verde but we found out they aren’t hiring. Big bummer. So back to square one. On top of that, we decided to move to a new RV park. The one we were at was a little sketchy. So with only a few days to figure out where to move next, we looked at our options. Nathan not getting that job changed our plan. Since we sold the Subie we need to live close enough to town that one of us can walk or ride our bike to work. That severely limited our options.

This guy spent most of the drive in my lap

Finally, Nathan suggested we don’t wait until February to move to Washington. Our original plan was to spend the winter in AZ and the spring/summer in WA. Well, as much as I fear spending a wet winter in the PNW, it really was the best option.

We can live basically for free on his sister’s property since they have RV hookups. We can save money and pay off the truck/trailer sooner. Be closer to his family. And basically, have a big adventure.prinevillebuddycar

So that’s what we decided to do!

We left bright and early on November 7th and spent two grueling days on the road. Nathan is a champ! On Monday he drove 12 hours getting us to Fallon, Nevada where we stayed our first time in a Walmart parking lot!

Sitting in a construction detour

The next day he drove us 16 hours!! We intended to just drive to Portland for the night but we couldn’t find a place to stay there or in Vancouver. We were going to just stay in a rest stop for the night but we were so close, Nathan wanted to just push through.

Approaching Mount Hood


Right before Buddy fell in the water. He is definitely my dog haha

So at 11pm on the dot, we arrived at our new home on Camano Island! We did 28 hours of driving!! All of us, even us that don’t drive, were exhausted!


We’ve now been here a few days, settling in and exploring. On Thursday night (Nathan’s birthday) Christina and Brad (Nathan’s sister and BIL) took us to Gold Bar where we stayed the night in a cabin on the river. We even did part of the hike to Wallace Falls!


Our view from the cabin!


Can you spot Phee-Bee?!




Brad and Phee-Bee!





My rad cat boots!




















So far I am definitely cold all the time, and it is very wet. But it is beautiful. And, with my no-fail combination of thick layers, cozy slippers, and bitchin cat rain boots, I think I’ll survive the winter!

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