We’re about to head off on our next adventure! My first foray into the world of work camping is officially over! For those that didn’t know, the last two and a half months, I’ve been working at a lodge/RV park in Happy Jack Arizona. The season is ending and we have a wedding to go to in Cali so we decided to not stay on through the winter and do some adventuring instead!

We’re leaving tomorrow for Lake Skinner near Temecula for almost a week. There we’ll celebrate a good friend’s wedding and do some visiting with our Cali friends. From there we’re heading up to Utah for about a month! I’ve never really been to Utah, just drove through the southeast corner once, and Nathan has visited our friend Muf in Salt Lake but that’s it. We’re both really excited to explore and are grateful to have so much time so we won’t be rushed.

I am a little sad to leave the lodge. Well, maybe sad isn’t the word, but I will miss parts of it. My co-workers were all great people and some of it was fun. Honestly though, I’m glad to be moving on. People can be exhausting. Being “on” all day and smiling through the bullshit is draining. And there were a few times where I honestly questioned the sanity of our guests.

There was the woman who legitimately couldn’t understand why we don’t spray the forest for bugs after she found a spider in her camp.

Or the woman who told us it “wasn’t fair” that our internet (that we use to process credit cards) was working (satellite) after a storm took out the neighboring cell tower and she couldn’t use her phone to get on Facebook.

Or the man, that after almost 5 hours straight of pouring rain, complained that his spot was now muddy.

Mostly we had a good laugh about it, but a few times were really concerning.

Like the guy that said fire restrictions are stupid and he’ll have a fire anyway. (Keep in mind this was when we had extreme fire danger and multiple forest fires already burning around us.)

Or the couple that parked in the wrong spot and then refused to move because they were already set up, then threatened the couple that the spot actually belonged to.

Or the drunk guy that threatened to kill his neighbor’s dog because he asked him to turn down his music at 1 in the morning.

Sometimes I really don’t understand people…

But those people were the exceptions. Most of our guests were really nice if not a little clueless. But I have to remember that not everyone grew up camping like I did and they consider spending a weekend in an RV without Wi-Fi “roughing it.”

All in all though, it was a good experience. It got our foot in the door as far as work camping goes so it’ll be easier in the future to know what we’re looking for. Plus, it was great getting to live in the mountains again. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super excited to leave and start our next adventure!

So so long for now Happy Jack! Maybe we’ll see you again in the future!

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