When we decided to live full-time in our 5th wheel we didn’t think we’d be spending the winters in a cold place. We had images of somewhere sunny! Just like the old people do it. Well, it’s December and we find ourselves in Washington. And that means we have to winterize!

camano island snow

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Something we totally weren’t even looking for was a 4 season RV. Like I said, we didn’t even consider living somewhere cold. But luck was on our side and we happened to buy one with the “Glacier Package.” Basically, this means we have extra insulation, the underbelly is covered, and the tanks are insulated.

Even with all that the trailer gets wicked cold! Night temperatures have been in the 20/30s lately and even with extra insulation these shitty RV windows don’t keep much heat in. We’ve basically been running the furnace nonstop, which means tons of propane. Still, even with that, our heating bill is less than most.

Fighting a Damp Battle

Our main issue with using the propane has been the humidity. Propane releases a lot of moisture into the air which means condensation! Not an RV’s friend. We had been up to about 68% humidity 24/7 and it wasn’t good. So Nathan found a really awesome oil heater that has significantly improved our situation. Our humidity is now hovering in the 30/40% range.

winterize trailer

So, with the humidity situation under control, we wanted to prevent heat from escaping. We insulated most of the windows (I like my natural light) with Reflectix (we have used so much of this stuff since moving in, it’s not even funny.) Nathan also spent the last few day trying to winterize the outside.

Dressing Up the Trailer

He skirted the whole rig with styrofoam sheets. He measured and cut each one to fit the exact shape of the trailer, including wheel wells, steps, and hose connections.

4 in the 5th wheel skirting

Winterize the Water

On top of that, he buried and insulated our water line. It has still been freezing where it connects to the trailer, but at least we can fill our fresh tank. I don’t know what I would do without him! Actually, yes I do. I would freeze and have no water.

winterize rv

Sleeping Tight

Even after all of the other thing we’ve done to winterize, my absolute favorite has to be our new fleece sheets! You read that right, fleece. Not flannel. Fleece! I didn’t even know fleece sheets were a thing! And they are amazing! With our regular cotton ones, we had a comforter and 2 wool blankets to stay warm. Since switching, we only use the comforter. It is so nice and snuggly! Even the furs love them.

winterize rv

I’m so grateful we got this all done when we did because last night it snowed! Not a lot, and it’s mostly gone now, but still. It’s pretty darn cold today.

nebelung cat snow

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